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COTTA builds by a Malaysian couple who passionate in modern & contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs.

They say nothing last forever. But, we say future is forever. What we do that effect tomorrow. Future is full of imagination. We think futuristic strongly related to us. We put in Futuristic element into future. Futuristic is something modern but unpredictable. Just like our designs.

Future also never get apart with antique. Just like Trevi Fountain in Rome, Forbidden City in China, Giza Pyramid in Egypt and so many more, they look magnificent, They are so valuable and the art has to be mentioned until forever.

Back to 10 years ago, we experienced low quality and high maintenance cost to fix the bathroom during university time. We tried to call plumbers to fix toilet, slowly it became part of our routine. To reduce expenses, we even spent time to study how to fix a clogged water closet. We believe what we are facing is what others facing too.

Since then, we realized how important bathroom related in life. We go to school, we go to work, back from work and repeat. Regardless what age we are, we need a good bathroom, that's why we name it as heaven. We spend effort to design, to modify to secure our concept to become as much heaven lookalike as possible. Everyone must enter bathroom heaven at least once in life.


Company details
Cotta Bathroom and Kitchen Specialist
Sole Distributor:
Soho Plumbing & Hardware Sdn Bhd
Lot 502-C Jalan Bayam,
Kampung Khatib Ali,
15200, Kota Bharu,
COTTA Dealership Program
If you have aspirations to own a sanitary showroom, COTTA might just be your answer to having a successful business venture. Our brand has ready market and popular brand among Malaysians as its quality and design are very much localized and tailored affordable to Malaysia consumer.